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We strive to bring you the finest hand-collected marine fish & invertebrates from around the world.

Your tank can be as exotic as the Amazon river or as simple as a fishbowl with a Male Betta.
  Saltwater Aquariums

The Oceans Coral Seas are without a doubt one of
our planets natural wonders. Enjoy a underwater
paradise with your marine reef aquarium and watch
marine fishes darting, dancing, and sliding against
a backdrop of a multi-colored coral reef. Or awe in the
wonders of natures pelagic predators with the ultimate
"fish only" aquarium.

We specialize in saltwater aquariums & strive to
bring you the finest hand-collected marine fish and invertebrates from around the world. Come in and
let us help you design the marine tank of your dreams.

Corals give life to the shallows, providing a haven
to an infinite variety of smaller inhabitants such as juvenile fish, hermit crabs, nudibranchs, gobies, blennies, shrimps, and brittle stars. In clear
waters in the Indo-Pacific, coral gardens rival
the most magnificent gardens found above land.

In the last five years technology has made it
possible to create and maintain a living reef in an aquarium. Our display reef is designed after an
Indo-Pacific coral bommie. A Red Sea reef would contain branching stony corals, Porities and Favites, Wild Giant Clams, xenia soft corals and delicate Dendronephthya with a school of Red Sea fairy basslets (anthias).

There are a variety of fishes that can be placed
in an captive environment containing corals,
tridacnid clams, ornamental crustaceans and other invertebrates.

We specialize in the small nano aquarium to
the big 1,000G+ aquariums. We have complete systems or individual equipment for the advance aquarist. We have a complete line of skimmer, calcium reactors
and monitors for plant tanks. Lighting from fluorescent, VHO's, metal halide and power compacts in hoods or retrofit systems.

We carry of unique line of aquariums for the
budding junior marine biologist

Marine Angels
- Angelfish
Nano Tanks
Marine Fish
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