Whitespotted Filefish - Cantherhines macrocerus.
Inhabits coral reefs or rocky bottoms. Found among gorgonians. Feeds mainly on sponges, gorgonians, and algae but also eats hydroids and stinging coral. Western Atlantic: Florida, USA and Bermuda to São Paulo, Brazil. Eastern Atlantic: St. Paul's Rocks .

Warty Frogfish
- Antennarius maculatus.
Inhabits logoons, bay or in the back reef. Adults are usually with sponges. Juveniles openly on reefs looking like nudibranchs. Oviparous. Indo-West Pacific: Maldives and Mauritius to Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. The Antennarius maculatus grows up to 6 inches. The Antennarius maculatus is an ambush predator, capable of swallowing items the same size as itself. Feeds on small fish, inverts

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Ornate Cowfish - Aracana ornata
Habitat: Occurs in shallow waters, sheltered seagrass or reefs; more commonly in depths less than 20 m. Eastern Indian Ocean: Southern Australian waters from Esperance, WA, to Mallacoota, Vic., and around Tasmania. When feeding, they often blow a jet of water out of their mouths into the sediment to uncover hidden prey. Ornate cowfish belong to the small family of temperate boxfishes, one of 11 species. A rare cowfish that is seldom available to the hobby.

Flying Gurnard - Dactyloptena
The flying gurnards are a family (Dactylopteridae) of marine fish notable for their greatly enlarged pectoral fins, which they use to "walk" along sandy sea floors while looking for crustaceans and other small invertebrates. The family is small, with seven species in two genera. The Flying Gurnard lives in a range of habitats including estuaries, coastal bays and deep sandy areas. Eastern Atlantic: English Channel to Angola, including the Mediterranean, Madeira, and the Azores. Western Atlantic: Massachusetts, USA and the Gulf of Mexico to Argentina. Feeds primarily on benthic crustaceans, especially crabs, clams and small fishes.

Flame / Whitebarred Trunkfish - anoplocapros lenticularis.
Occurs on the continental shelf. Eastern Indian Ocean: Australia (southern Western Australia and western South Australia). Climate: subtropical. Occurs on rocky reefs in temperate marine waters of southern Australia from southern Victoria to southwestern Western Australia.

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