- Chrysurus Angelfsih
- Conspicillatus Angelfish
- Goldflake Angelfish (pair)
- Imperator Angelfish
- Narvarchus Angelfish (Majestic)
- Regal Angelfish
- Asfur Angelfish
- Genicanthus bellus Angelfish
-Queensland Angelfish (meredithi)
- Scribbled Angelfish
- Yellow Naso Tang
-Blue Hippo Tang
- Salfin Tang
- Semilarvatus Butterfly
- Declivis Butterfly (Marquesan)
- Harlequin Tusk
- Golden Brazilian Morey eel

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-Water Pump:
-Aquarium Decor:
-Stand & Cabinet:
UV Sterilizer:


Design Services>Photo Gallery>Custom 400 Gallon Marine Aquarium

400 Gallon Fish Only
Custom Built: Cabinetry, Outside Equipment Room, Sump. Highflow pumps, skimmer, chiller, and lights. This aquarium is a built-in the room divider wall and can be viewed in both rooms. This system is under a Mark's Tropical Service contract. This tank contains a collection of rare Angelfish and Butterflyfish. It is aquascaped with Branch Live Rock that was a special order from Tonga. These are one of a kind pieces not normally seen in the trade.

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