Saltwater Display Tank

-Custom 280G Acrylic Aquarium
-3-sided w/1 bland en overflow
-1/4 Chiller
-Four 36" Flourescent Lighting
-Protien Skimmer Top Fathom
-Tow Ocean Clear Filters
-Two 4MDQSC Little Giant & Two Quiet One Pumps
-360G WetDry
-30 Watt UV





Photo Gallery > Mark's 280G Saltwater Predator
Display Aquarium

Come in and see an awesome display of some of the Oceans predators. You will see a large school of exotic looking "Lookdowns". For the Jaw's fans we always have a Shark or two. Our Lionfish is a stealth predator who glides up to it's prey and engulfs it with its large mouth. Our sleek but deadly Barracuda is always on the lookout for its next meal. Our majestic Blueface Angelfish adds a great splash of color and personality. Don't be fooled by its easy acting manner because it can easily hold its own. Our Golden Butterflyfish come all the way from the Red Sea.

Lets us customize a predator tank for you today! We specialize in the large systems required to handle the enormous waste generated by these eating machines. These fish like alot of swiming room with some caves to hide out when the actions gets rough. We have access to a variety of predatory fish from sharks, eels, lionfish, barracudas, snappers, rays, triggers, puffers and groupers. Show Quality Angelfish like the Blueface, Emperor, Queen, Bluestripe and Personider. We also have access to the rare angelfish such as the Clarion, Conspiculatus, and Chrysurus.

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