-Catfish: Corydoras Sterbai, Adolfi, or Metae
- Tetra's: Rummy-Nosed, Cardinal, Neon, Silver-Tipped, Bleeding Heart.
-Gold Nugget Plec, Altum
-Scalare Angelfish
- Appistogramma Agassizi
-Appistogramma Cacatuoides


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Some of the most spectacular fish species in the world come from smaller rivers & streams off the Amazon River. All wild Discus are collected from the Amazon River or it's tributaries, the most brilliant and colorful varieties are collected from those areas where the water conditions are high in humus and very acid (5.5 to 6.0) Royal Blue being an example. Your Amazonian habitat can contain plants such as Green Cabomba, Dwarf Swordplant, Hair Grass, Water Sprite, Amazon Swordplant and bogwood with natural fine gravel.

Discus require frequent feedings of high protein foods, 85f temperature (min.) and a Ph no higher than 6.5 if success is to obtained.

Colors are now almost designer in selection, varieties of blues, greens, reds, golds and combinations of all now are available, hi-fins, and even thread-fins now exist. Discus fish are of the family symphysodon, comprised of several subspecies or types. Primary differences are in coloration and generally dictated by the general local in which they are found and collected. The waters of the Amazon vary in PH., ranging from acid (6.8) to extremely acid (4.8) in the backwater tributaries, the waters are also soft to very soft and crystal clear to black in color.

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