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We strive to bring you the finest hand-collected marine fish & invertebrates from around the world.

Your tank can be as exotic as the Amazon river or as simple as a fishbowl with a Male Betta.
Freshwater Aquariums
Freshwater aquarium fish live in a variety of
habitats ranging from rapidly flowing streams and rivers, sluggish pools & lakes, to swamps and estuaries. If this is your first attempt at a establishing a freshwater aquarium, or if you are looking to specialize in keeping fish from a very specific environment, we can help.

We specialize in creating "Natural Environments" for your freshwater habitat. Your tank can be as exotic as an Amazon river or as simple as a freshwater community tank of fish from around the world. Come in and lets us help you.

You can create a variety of habitats from an Amazon Stream, African Rift Lake, Rivers of New Guinea, Southeast Asia River, Central America Rocky Lakes, Amazon River, to name a few.

We specialize in the small nano aquarium to the big 1,000G+ aquariums. We have complete systems or individual equipment for the advance aquarist. We have a complete line of CO2 systems and monitors for plant tanks. Lighting from fluorescent, VHO's and power compacts in hoods or retrofit systems.

We carry of unique line of aquariums for the budding junior marine biologist in your family. Geared for all ages and it makes a great educational living gift.

We provide custom design, setup, installations and service for your home or office.
-African and South and Central America - Link
Discus - Link
Tank Busters
- Oscars, Pacus, Tinfoil Barb, Shark, Claias, Plecostomus, Leporinus etc.
Freshwater Nano
-Goldfish, Beta, Neon Tetras, etc.
-Mollies, Swordtails, Platies, Guppies etc.
Plant Aquariums - Link
-Discus, Rainbowfish, Amazon Swords etc.
-Arowanas, Eels, Knife fish, loaches, etc.
Koi, Goldfish, Plants
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